When quarantine started– and the world stopped, life as we knew it was completely altered. At the time, I was looking forward to my 8th Grade Grad and, like all of my friends, I was so excited to be entering high school. But then, quarantine continued... and I spent my entire freshman year learning from home.

As an athlete, I'm used to being busy and active. I'm used to practices, games and a full schedule. When all of that completely disappeared from my life, I was overwhelmed with boredom. I needed something to do that would distract and excite me. So, I started trying all kinds of different crafts with my mom. When we experimented with tie-dye and heat-pressing vinyl, I completely fell in love...

I spent last summer making sand volleyball merchandise for my club, Game Day. That completely grew into being hired to do all of the club apparel for our 2021 indoor season. With the help of my family, we've completely converted our garage into the True Colors PNW Headquarters. I now offer screen printed, heat-pressed, and tie-dyed merch! I hope you love what I've created! 

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Hi there! My name is Addi True and I am the founder and owner of True Colors PNW. Being a teen business owner has been a crazy experience! With the help of my family, we create each and every product in our home-based garage shop in Eugene, Oregon.

Thank you for supporting my small business!